3 Ways You Can Get Paid to Shop at Grocery Store

3 Ways You Can Get Paid to Shop at Grocery Store

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Learning how to save money is one of the hardest things any one can learn. It is also one of the most vital skills any adult can have. There are hundreds of programs to help people save money and get money back from their purchases. Three of the most common ones used now are Ibotta, Savings Star and for those who shop at Target, the RedCard.

1: Ibotta

Ibotta is an app available on Android and Apple app stores, as well as the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX. Inside the app, you can choose which store you are going to visit. Then you will be given a list of product offers, once you pick the item you want then you can complete the give offers. Other tasks you can complete aside from buying include Facebook and Twitter shares, learning facts about a product, watching a video and other assorted tasks.

Once you purchase the item, you will be given pending cash in your account. The more you unlock the more you can earn. Offers do expire so most people use Ibotta as they shop rather than pre-loading items only to have them expire. Purchases are verified within 24 hours. There are two ways to verify your purchases; the most common is by taking a picture of your receipt. However, if the store is an Ibotta preferred partner you can link your loyalty card and then your purchases will be sent instantly with no further input from you!

Ibotta allows you to cash out via PayPal as soon as you reach $5. There are other cash out options for those without PayPal and include gift cards from iTunes, Redbox and more.
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2: Savings Star

Savings Star offers two ways to save and multiple ways to cash out. The first way to save is on groceries. Once you register with Saving Star, you simply scan through the e-coupons and link them to your grocery store loyalty card. Then shop as normal. You will not instantly get money off; the money will be deposited into your savings star account between 2 and 22 days.

You can use savings star online as well. Simply click through the cash back mall to your online store of choice. For added savings, browse coupon codes as well. Cash back from here will appear in ten days, but may take up to thirty days to be redeemable. Once you have $5 in your account you can have the money deposited into your bank account, PayPal, get an Amazon gift card or use American Forests. Savings Star (Join Now)

3: Target RedCard

The Target RedCard gives you 5% off on everything you buy. There are two kinds of cards, credit and debit. The credit one has an interest rate and all the drawbacks of a traditional credit card. The debit card however, links to your existing checking account and works exactly as a debit card, with 5% off. However, you can only use these cards at Target locations. Target RedCard (Get It Now)

These cards can be used with all other target savings options, including, Cartwheel, online and mobile coupons and manufacturer coupons. Savings between all of these often adds up to at least 25% but can be as high as 100% when added to clearance items, or other store discounts.

All of the offers above can be used with each other, and stacked with coupons. One of the best online places to find valid and high value coupons is CouponCodeWorld.com. Learning the best way to save can change your tiny piggy bank in to a savings cash cow.

What’s your best savings tip?

January 16, 2014


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