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    REACH Total Care Floss Coupon

    Save $1.00 off any one (1) REACH® Total Care Floss. Note: You can get REACH® Floss (Sale Price: 97 cents) for FREE at Walmart when you use $1.00 Off Coupon.
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    S Line Wave Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S4

    eBay | SAVE up to 85% Off + Free Shipping!
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    Ultra-Slim Plastic Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 | SAVE up to 75% Off!
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    ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill

    Amazon | SAVE up to 35% Off + Free Shipping!
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    ProForm 590T Treadmill with Bonus 6-Piece Puzzle Mat Bundle | SAVE up to 3% Off!
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    Samsung Galaxy Precedent Android Prepaid Smartphone (Straight Talk)

    Walmart Straight Talk | SAVE up to 25% Off Samsung Galaxy Precedent Android Prepaid Smartphone!
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    College Textbooks

    Amazon | SAVE up to 90% Off Textbooks + Free Two Day Shipping For Students!
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    College Textbooks | SAVE $3.00 Off orders over $60.00!
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    Spot It

    Amazon | Save up to 20% Off!
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