How To Make Your Nike Shoes Last Longer

How To Make Your Nike Shoes Last Longer
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If anyone has gone sneaker shopping they know how expensive they can be. When comparing brands NIKE sneakers are more expensive than most others. Proper cleaning and maintenance will ensure they last for a long time. Generally there are several methods to preserve the quality of your NIKE sneakers. Here are six ways to protect your investment:

6. Do not put NIKES in the washing machine or dryer: Washing machines can damage or shrink shoes. Washers and dryers were not made for sneakers, as the dirt and grime that accumulates on them can cause damage to washers and dryers.

5. Never clean sneakers with harsh chemical agents such as bleach: Bleach damages and removes the color from fabrics and sneakers and will leave your NIKE sneakers looking yellow.

4. Clean your NIKES regularly: Nike recommends cleaning suede and leather sneakers immediately after wearing them in dirt and mud. One product that has proven effective and is made with natural ingredients and no chemicals is “GW Shoe Cleaner”. It effectively cleans
dirt and stains from NIKE sneakers and other footwear.

3. Keep the paper or cardboard inserts: When buying sneakers and/or shoes there are usually paper and cardboard inserts in them. These are usually the first things thrown away. Keep them, as it helps maintain the shape of the sneakers/shoes.

2. Wear and use NIKE Shoes properly: All athletic shoes eventually show wear and tear; however, by wearing and using them properly, you can extend their lifespan. First, you must put them on and take them off with care. When you are in a hurry, it is tempting to just jam your feet in or pull off the shoes without unlacing them; however, this stretches the shoes and the laces. Instead, sit down on a chair or bench and put the shoes on properly, sliding your feet into the unlaced shoe and then lacing it up. When you are done, untie the shoes until they feel loose, and then slide your foot out.

Most pairs of new Nike shoes bought at a store have either paper or cardboard inserts placed on the inside of them. Keep those inserts, and every time you take the shoes off, place them back inside. If this is done, the inserts will help the shoes somewhat keep their original form, thus removing any unwanted creases in the leather.

1. Never dry with direct heat: To dry your leather shoes without damaging them you should set them close to a floor vent in your house or put a gentle fan on them. It may take overnight for them to dry completely but it’s worth it. Do NOT use a hair dryer, put them outside in the sun or toss them in the oven or microwave. Remember, these shoes will help you score lots of goals and deserve your patience in the drying time.

Following theses simple cleaning and maintenance tips will help your NIKE sneakers last a long time and stay looking new.

What’s your best shoe care tip?

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October 7, 2014


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