The Best iPhone 6 Cases

The Best iPhone 6 Cases
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The new iPhone 6 is one of the most desirable gadgets this year. This new Apple product is quite pricey, coming in at around a thousand dollars. With that much initial investment into such a great phone, it is important to keep it protected and make it last as long as possible.

When an iPhone breaks you are not only losing your typical cell service, but also access to all of your downloads, which could range up into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars lost. While you can get insurance for your phone through your cell provider, it can be an annoying process with many incidents not covered. Rather than risk something bad happening to your new iPhone 6, consider getting a cover that will protect your iPhone from many potential hazards. We have reviewed several different options and of cases and come up with three that have great value, look, and safety features. They will cost you less than paying for phone insurance through your cell provider for a year.

1. i-Blason Halo Series Hybrid Clear Case for Apple iPhone

i-Blason Clear iPhone 6 Case

The i-Blason scratch resistant case for the iPhone 6 allows you to enjoy the look of your new iPhone while still providing it with protection. Most cases available cover up the original design of the phone, which if you really like the look of your new gold iPhone 6, can be very disappointing. The i-Blason fixes that with transparent front and back panels for your phone made from a clear hard plastic. The case is also designed to help you to avoid dropping it with a softer plastic along the sides that offers more grip hold. For around $13, you can have this new i-Blason case, making it extremely affordable.

2.Obliq Apple iPhone 6 Case

Obliq Apple iPhone 6 Case

Another great case for your iPhone 6 is the Obliq iPhone 6 case with a card kickstand. This case offers anti-shock drop protection for your new phone. Available in an array of colors this case can fit the tastes of most people. The case is slim so you are not forced to have a bulky cover over your slim iPhone. The case also offers a card kickstand which will make playing on apps, writing emails, or using the internet easier than before. Now you can still see your screen while also keeping one hand free for multitasking.

Also priced around $13, this is a great steal to protect your iPhone 6 from damage.

3. OtterBox iPhone 6 Case – Defender Series

OtterBox iPhone 6 Case - Defender Series

The heavyweight in our selection of cases is the Otterbox for the iPhone 6. While it is the most expensive it also has more safety features. The Otterbox is designed with three layers of protection to prevent damage from drops or bumps. This is useful to anyone who happens to be clumsy like me or who owns animals that like to knock things off of tables and stands. This case also protects your touchscreen from damage with a built-in cover that prevents scratches and scrapes on your phone. The case also includes a belt or strap clip that you can use when you want to use your phone on the go for things such as hiking or mountain biking. The clip can also deter thieves, since your iPhone is on your person rather than in a bag or a pocket that may be easier to reach. The clip also doubles as a kickstand so that you can enjoy movies on your iPhone 6 hands free.

Users seemed to overwhelmingly approve of these cases not only for their affordability, but also their great safety features. Keep your iPhone 6 safe with one of these quality cases so that you can make sure that it lasts until Apple releases a new iPhone. Enjoy your new iPhone 6.

Which iPhone 6 case is your favorite?

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