The Right Way To Clean Your HDTV Screen

The Right Way To Clean Your HDTV Screen
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The HD technology that allows for a much sharper image on today’s television requires that your screen is clean and free of dust.

When it comes time to getting rid of that occasional layer of dust on your screen, it takes more TLC than the sets of the past. To make sure that you get the most out of your HDTV, listen to these maintenance tips.

Never use a paper towel and window cleaner on your HDTV screen

The standard window cleaner available at your local grocery (such as Windex), contains ammonia as its base, which has been shown to strip the antireflective chemicals off of the television, which will cause screen quality issues. To avoid discoloring, cloudiness, or other damage to your HDTV’s picture, never use an ammonia based product on your television. The rags or paper towels that were used on old televisions can also cause damage to led and plasma televisions. While the old televisions were made with a thick layer of glass, today’s televisions are far more fragile. Today’s sensitive television screens are far more likely to be damaged by the rough texture of a paper towel or the fibers of a rag. If you want to extend the life your television avoid cleaning with these products.

What products can I use to clean my HDTV screen?

When it comes time to clean your HDTV, make sure that you have suitable products on hand. A microfiber towel is excellent for cleaning plasma screens and you can also use it on your laptop or mobile device. As for a cleaner to get rid of smudges that may occur, especially of you have small children, find one made specifically for HDTV screens. We recommend the GW Magic Screen Cleaner, which you can easily find at Amazon.

What is the proper way to clean my HDTV screen?

1. The first step to cleaning your HDTV is to turn it off or better yet unplug it. This not only protects your TV from damage but also prevents you from getting shocked from the television.

2. Wait until the television is cool to the touch to start dusting. Remove the layer of dust with a microfiber cloth. If after you have dusted the screen with the microfiber cloth and still notice smudges on your television get out your GW Magic Screen Cleaner made specifically for HDTV screens.

3. Spray a light amount of the GW Magic Screen Cleaner solution onto the microfiber cloth, not the television. Then gently work at the stubborn areas, being sure to not push too hard or you can cause warping your television’s picture.

Keep your television looking great

If you follow the cleaning tips presented in this article you can keep your television’s picture pristine for many years to come. Improper maintenance of your television will ruin your television much faster and may not be covered under your television’s warranty. Make sure that you check your television’s manual for proper maintenance procedures that may be specific to your television model.

Things to remember:
• Buy a specially made plasma screen cleaner such as GW Magic Screen Cleaner
• Be sure to use microfiber cloth on your television
• Turn off Television before cleaning
• Don’t spray a cleaning solution directly on the television.

What’s your best cleaning tip?

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October 13, 2014


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