Why do coupons make customers happy

Why do coupons make customers happy?

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In today’s competitive business world business owners are looking for ways to get the edge on their competitors and increase business sales. Coupons can immeasurably impact the effectiveness of existing marketing efforts by increasing the number of people who become customers and repeat visitors.

Independent marketing research firm, A.C. Nielson, Co., reveals that 95 percent of all shoppers like coupons. And 60 percent actively look for coupons. If you have not used coupons in the past, then it is surely something to be seriously considered based on current market and consumer trends. Additionally, while print coupons are still the most popular, digital coupons have quickly become a highly cost efficient option. This year, more than half of US adult internet users, or 102.5 million people, will redeem a digital coupon via any device for either online or offline shopping.

Why coupons will help your business grow?

Many business owners are hesitant to use coupons because they don’t know if they will actually bring in more customers. The truth of the matter is that coupons work and will bring in customers that would otherwise not have visited an establishment. Coupons encourage a consumer to try a service or product. Coupons have been proven to be a catalyst to change a person’s buying habits. Consumers need a reason to depart from their traditional spending habits and try something different.

Another fear of many business owners is that coupons will degrade their “branding.” Some businesses feel that offering coupons makes them look less than professional or look like they are begging for business. In actuality, offering coupons has nothing to do with branding. The more important issue is inducing the consumer to come to your place of business to look at your wares. Even the most prestigious of businesses, such as a high end jeweler or other “classy” establishment can benefit from coupon use. All consumers, whether rich or poor, look for deals. Therefore, using a coupon does not lessen the branding of an establishment. It can only enhance it.

Today’s consumer is looking for bargains and ways to save money on their monthly expenditures. If used correctly coupons can tap into the frugal nature of consumers and at the same time increase the value of a product. The bottom line is that consumers like discounts and coupons are one of the best ways to get a discount in the hands of the consumer.

How to use coupons the right way?

Studies have shown that discounts of up to 20 percent or more tend to be the most attractive to consumers as well as definitive discount amounts that create visible value such as offering $5, $10 or $20 off a product or service.

Also once a customer tries a product or service once via use of a coupon they are more likely to return to use the product or service again. Why not keep them coming back by offering monthly discounts thus making them reliable and loyal customers.

Coupon usage shows no sign of slowing

Given all the current trends and data that support the premise that consumers like coupons and that they increase exposure and revenue for businesses that use them, coupon usage is likely to keep growing. The Internet and the use of smart phones are driving the increase in coupon usage. Internet and mobile marketing is the wave of the future and will be a compelling force in any businesses marketing and advertising in addition to print media. According to eMarketer, in 2012, more than 90 million people in the U.S. redeemed a digital coupon, and in 2014, 40 million of them used a smartphone and is expected to reach 47 million in 2014. The increased use of smartphones has allowed more location based advertising to occur.

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